Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

TAP Course Enrollment

Non-degree Harvard emloyees wishing to use TAP, should refer to this page.

Degree seeking employees utilizing TAP should follow the steps below:

Step 1
If you plan to use TAP this semester, please email take 45 seconds to fill out the following. This will allow you to register for courses, even with an outstanding balance. 

Step 2
When your Fall or Fall 1, (Fall 2 can be initiated later) course registration is finalized, please initiate the TAP process hereFor Fall 1 and full-term courses, be sure to submit your TAP form by Septembr 7th. For Fall 2 courses, the deadline is TBD.

The TAP fee, can be paid electronically (the TAP fees listed below represent 10% of the total tuition charged per credit):


Credits Tuition TAP Fee
1 credit $1,622 $162.20

2 credits 


4 credits


6 credits


8 credits


10 credits




Adding and Dropping

If a course needs to be dropped, please email and let them know you are no longer taking the course.

If a course needs to be added, repeat Step 1 & 2 (if needed).



HGSE Office of the Registrar
13 Appian Way
Longfellow Hall, G006Email