Information for HGSE Students

Harvard University provides students at the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a wealth of opportunities to pursue academic, cultural, and recreational interests beyond the HGSE campus. Cross-registration is an excellent way to explore classes and subjects that HGSE does not offer, as well as to connect with colleagues at the other Harvard schools. Please take a few moments to review the cross-registration process at Harvard. 

The cross-registration dates and deadlines for other Harvard schools can be found here

Information for Non-HGSE Students

Students from Harvard University (with the exception of the Division of Continuing Education), the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, can search for courses at HGSE, by selecting Graduate School of Education on my.Harvard. Note, that while tuition is not charged, a mandatory $25 per course fee will be charged for digital content created specifically for HGSE courses, in addition to any required books.

Harvard Students submit petitions via my.Harvard
Students from MIT submit petitions here.
Students from the Fletcher School at Tufts submit petitions here

Cross-Registration Dates and Deadlines for Non-HGSE Students

  • January 18th cross-registration opens for courses
  • January 21st, 22nd course previews
  • February 14th cross-registration ends for Spring and Spring 1 courses; last day to drop or change grade preference for a Spring or Spring 1 course
  • April 1st cross-registration ends for Spring 2 courses; last day to drop or change grade preference for a Spring 2 course

For information about credit conversions:

HGSE January Term Information

Please note: Harvard College students are not able to cross-register during the J-Term, per FAS policy. 

Winter Term Cross-Registration Dates and Deadlines for Non-HGSE Students

  • November 4 cross-registration opens and course previews take place; Course Preview Schedule
  • November 13 deadline to apply for limited-enrollment courses.
  • December 2 deadline to register for Winter Term 

Office Hours and Location

Longfellow Hall, G006 on Appian Way
Monday – Thursday
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

9 a.m. -2 p.m.

Cross-Registration Staff

Charles Perreault