Non-Degree Registration

To enroll in HGSE courses, students are expected to complete the Non-Degree registration process during the designated registration period (see below). Once the online process is completed, students will be considered officially registered at HGSE and will be assessed the appropriate tuition ($6,056 for a four-credit course, $3,028 for a two-credit course), with relevant tuition credits applied (TAP or voucher), if applicable. An additional $25 per course iPac fee will be charged for course materials. If you wish to cancel your registration, please contact the Office of the Registrar directly.

The eligible categories of students are limited to:

  • Harvard Employees (TAP eligible)
  • HGSE Voucher Holders
  • HGSE Alumni (tuition is charged)
  • DCE Exchange
  • Harvard Visiting Fellows
  • Special Students (must be admitted by HGSE Admissions, tuition is charged)

To complete the non-degree registration poll, please contact Kylie Wilson.

The process should take less than five minutes to complete. Approximately 48 business hours after the you have completed the process, a Registrar staff member will email you regarding important dates and deadlines, as well as instructions on course registration. If you are a Harvard employee using TAP, please review the TAP policies here, and refer to the TAP section below. *Students intending to audit a course, should make arrangements directly with the professor, and not register.

Fall Non-Degree Registration*
August 6-17

January Term Non-Degree Registration*
November 5-9

Spring Non-Degree Registration*
January 7-18

Course Registration

After completing the Non-Degree Registration Poll, students will receive an email containing important information on course registration. For all courses, it will be necessary to obtain the instructor's permission. Course registration and the applicable tuition (which can be paid online), should be submitted on or before the Course Registration Deadline for the appropriate semester listed below. 

Fall Course Registration Deadline*
August 31, 2 p.m.

January Term Course Registration Deadline*
December 1, 2 p.m.

Spring Course Registration Deadline*
January 25, 2 p.m.



Please follow the steps below to complete the TAP process.

Step 1
When your Fall, Fall 1, or Yearlong (Fall 2 TAP can be initaited later) course registration is finalized, please initiate the TAP process here (this will allow a TAP form to be printed for each course taken).

Step 2
Be sure to print out the TAP form and submit it to with the required signatures before the add/drop deadline of February 15th. For Fall 2 courses, the deadline is April 3rd.

Step 3
Pay 10% of the tuition for the total amount of credits you are taken:


2 credits 


4 credits


6 credits


8 credits


10 credits


Adding and Dropping

If a course needs to be dropped, please email and let them know you are no longer taking the course.

If a course needs to be added, repeat Steps 1 & 2, and 3 (if needed).



HGSE Office of the Registrar
13 Appian Way
Longfellow Hall, G006

*Please note: non-degree students who fail to register for courses by the appropriate deadlines will be charged a late-registration fee of $25.