January Term Registration 2022

HGSE January Term Courses offered during academic year 2021-2022 are viewable in my.Harvard. Please be aware that development of the course list is an ongoing process, and that additions and changes will be made right up until the time of course enrollment. For that reason, it is a good idea to check the listing frequently.

Click here for a detailed video about course enrollment.

Enrollment Overview

Pre-Enrollment: Monday, November 8 – Monday, November 15 (Lottery-based enrollment ranking and placement; Add courses to your Crimson Cart; Submit petitions for instructor permission courses that are not in the lottery)
Open-Enrollment Period: Wednesday, November 17 – Monday, December 6 (Enroll in open-enrollment courses; Enroll in instructor permission courses; Modify enrollments for lottery-based courses; Join waitlists for lottery-based courses that are full)
Add/Drop/grade option change deadline: Courses in January Term are offered at different start and end dates. A list with specific deadlines by course will be posted soon.

Course Previews

Students will have two opportunities to preview HGSE classes in advance of course enrollment:

  1. Pre-Recorded Course Introductions: 8-minute pre-recorded videos created by the course instructors and posted to their course websites. Students are highly encouraged to watch these videos prior to attending live course question and answer sessions.
  2. Live Course Q&A Sessions: January Term Live Course Q&A sessions are 25 minutes each and will be scheduled for Monday, November 8, and Tuesday, November 9. The question and answer sessions schedule will be posted to my.Harvard on Friday, November 5. These live sessions will also be recorded and posted to course websites.

January Term FAQ (This FAQ will be updated as new enrollment information becomes available. Last Updated: 10/21/2021)

What is January Term?

January Term at HGSE (also referred to as “J-Term” and more officially across Harvard as “Winter Session”) is part of a University-wide initiative to create meaningful for-credit and noncredit opportunities for student learning and development during a three-week period. At HGSE, we are proud to have one of the most vibrant January learning environments at Harvard.

Are there additional costs associated with participating in January Term?

No. Spring 2022 active students enrolled under the Spring 2022 flat tuition rate may take January courses at no extra charge. Noncredit activities at HGSE are generally included in regular tuition but may have fees for materials or for no-shows or late cancellations in popular offerings. Some activities offered by other Harvard schools may charge additional fees.

Do January Term course credits count against the Spring Term maximum of 10 credits for part-time students and 20 credits for full-time students?

January Term credits do not count against Spring Term credit maximums for part-time and full-time students. Students may take a 2 or 4 credit course in January Term, and these credits will not reduce their maximum available credits in Spring 2022.

May I take more than one January Term module or course?

January Term modules are intensive and require concentrated work over a brief period of time. For that reason, students are encouraged to enroll in only one January Term module or course at a time (including courses through cross-registration). Students may choose to enroll in more than one course during January Term only if the faculty members of the courses they plan to take allow students to take additional courses concurrently, but under no circumstances will students be permitted to miss class meetings due to a conflict of class meeting times. Students may enroll in no more than 4 credits during January Term.

Can I audit HGSE in-person courses?

Auditing any HGSE course with in-person elements is currently not permitted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Auditing online courses at HGSE is rarely permitted, and only a faculty member may allow an individual to audit an online course. There is no expectation that a faculty member will allow anyone, inside or outside the HGSE community, to audit or otherwise participate in a course without being enrolled for credit in the course.

I will complete my Ed.M. requirements in Fall 2021 and am a March 2022 degree candidate. Am I able to enroll in January Term courses?

Congratulations for completing your degree requirements at the end of the Fall 2021 term! Since you have completed all your degree requirements by the end of the Fall term, you will not have an active status for upcoming terms, including January term; therefore, you will not be able to enroll in January, Spring, and May 2022 courses.

Can students from other schools cross-register into HGSE January Term courses?

Many HGSE January Term courses allow cross-registration. Cross-registrants must follow all the same process steps (e.g., application for course admission, meeting enrollment deadlines, etc.) as HGSE students, in addition to any requirements for cross-registration into any University course (such as obtaining an instructor permission in order to enroll). Harvard College does not permit cross-registration of undergraduate students in January Term.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Please continue to check our Academic Calendar for important dates and updates.

  • Monday, November 8: January Term – Add courses to your Crimson Cart opens - This means that you can start adding courses to your Crimson Cart. This will allow you to validate and submit petitions for instructor-permission courses. Please note that you will not be able to enroll into these courses until open-enrollment day: Tuesday, November 16 at 12:01am EDT. Holds do not impact your ability to add courses to your Crimson Cart and submit petitions!
  • Monday, November 8 and Tuesday, November 9: Live Course Q&A sessions (schedule will be posted to my.Harvard on Friday, November 5)
  • Monday, November 8: Lottery-based Enrollment opens (rank your choices)
  • Monday, November 15, 11:59pm ET: Lottery-based Enrollment closes (deadline to rank your choices)
  • Tuesday, November 16, 3:00pm ET: Lottery-based Enrollment results announced
  • Wednesday, November 17, 12:01am ET: January Term open enrollment begins - This means that you can start enrolling in courses that are in your Crimson Cart. This includes instructor permissions approved petitions. Please note that if you have any enrollment and registrations holds at this point, it will prevent enrollment.
  • Monday, December 6, 11:59pm ET: January Term course enrollment deadline - This means that after this deadline, all courses will require instructor consent.


Update: Click here to see the add/drop deadlines for the Janurary 2022 Term


List of courses avaiable in the Janurary Term: 

A101 Native Americans in the 21st Century: Nation-Building I
A111J Critical Issues in Special Education Policy and Practice
A310H Race, Equity, and Leadership
A410A Teaching the Hard Histories of Racism in the United States
A510A Fugitive Negotiation: Negotiating Power, Space, and Purpose with/in Educational Institutions
A710D The College Admissions Process: Practice, Policy, and Research
A710Z Brave Leadership: Courage and Transformation in US Higher Education
EQO11A Equity and Opportunity: Class in Context
EQO11D (section 1) Equity and Opportunity: Race and Ethnicity in Context
EQO11D (section 2) Equity and Opportunity: Race and Ethnicity in Context
H110G Learning in a Globalizing World: Language Acquisition, Cultural Awareness, and Cognitive Justice
H310W Innovation and Justice: Developing New School and Community Strategies that Strengthen Children
HT107 Topics in Educational Psychology
HT123 Informal Learning for Children
LCH101 Leading Change
S011E Understanding Today's Educational Testing
S032A Accumulating Evidence: How to Conduct a Quantitative Research Synthesis that Informs Educational Policy and Practice 
S305 Slow Looking: The Art and Practice of Learning through Observation
T210M Writing Workshop
T211Q Teaching Exceptional Learners in Inclusive Classrooms
T521M Classroom Discourse: An introduction to teacher-student talk